Tattoo Coverup

Covering up a tattoo follows a procedure where your previous and unwanted tattoo is replaced with a new one. You can also opt for a cover-up tattoo if your old design is fading. Light or faded tattoos are quite easy to work on using dark ink.

Tattoo Coverup By samay tattoo studio

In the process of the cover-up, the ink is deposited again in the same dermis where the ink from the previous tattoo is already presented. The pigment of the new ink does not go on top of the pigment of your old tattoo. These two colors get combined to create a new color. There are chances that dark inks will dominate the mixture. For instance, blue and red together turn into purple underneath your skin.

When an artist is working to conceal a tattoo, the focus is usually on the color of an old tattoo and how to incorporate it into new ink.

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